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Both of these packages contain pre-built DASD image files which simply need to be unzipped onto your hard drive.

hercules jcl

The unzipped images can be directly read by Hercules. These characters are inserted before the first dot. If there is no dot, then the characters are appended to the end of the name. Each file contains a whole number of cylinders. Hercules CKD support recognizes the files as belonging to a single logical volume. Specify the full name of just the first file in the Hercules configuration file e. Examples To create a model 1 CKD volume consisting of cylinders plus 7 alternate cylinders too with volume serial number WORK01 in a file called work If you specify dasdinit -lfs triple.

Your platform must support large file size to specify the -lfs option. The format of the dasdload command is: dasdload [options] ctlfile outfile msglevel where [options] -z build compressed dasd image file using zlib -bz2 build compressed dasd image file using bzip2 -0 build compressed dasd image file with no compression -lfs build a large dasd image file can exceed 2G -a build dasd image file that includes alternate cylinders ctlname is the name of the control file which specifies the datasets that are to be loaded onto the newly-created volume outfile is the name of the DASD image file to be created msglevel is a number from 0 to 5 which controls the level of detail of the messages issued during the load.

Control file The control file required by the dasdload program is an ASCII text file consisting of a volume statement followed by one dataset statement for each dataset to be created. The format of the volume statement is: volser devtype [- model ] [ cyls [ ipltext ] ] where: volser is the volume serial number for the newly-created volume devtype is the emulated device type,or for the new volume.

FBA device types are not supported by the dasdload program. Model may be specified like dasdinit above. Cylinders is ignored for compressed devices. The format of a dataset statement is: dsname method units pri sec dir dsorg recfm lrecl blksize keylen where: dsname is the dataset name method is the dataset loading method which can be one of the following: XMIT filename the dataset is loaded from an unloaded PDS created by the TSO XMIT command SEQ filename the sequential dataset is loaded from a binary file.

A dataset name must be coded on this statement, although it is not used. Defaults of zero are supplied for DCB parameters. For datasets loaded with the XMIT method, the DCB parameters are taken from the unloaded PDS, and the minimum space allocation required to load the dataset is used unless a larger quantity is specified.

If space allocation is omitted, the default is TRK 1 0 0. If CYL is specified without any primary quantity then the default space allocation is 1 cylinder or the minimum number of cylinders required to load the dataset, whichever is larger.

Examples [1] To create a volume in a file called sysres. To solve this problem, Hercules provides a program called dasdisup which can be run from the Unix command line after running dasdload. This can optionally be followed with colon-then-flags, as above. If the optional ascii keyword is specified, the members will be unloaded as ASCII variable length text files.With a little bit of searching, I've finally figured it out.

This guide should help anyone who has absolutely no background with IBM mainframes or Hercules — but for some reason wishes to play with a mainframe — to get started. Open the wc Session Wizard and create a new session with the host set to localhost and the TCP port number set to Be sure to save your session by hitting '[Enter]' at the menu.

You may want to create a desktop shortcut to be used later. Ensure that your hercules. The paths from the configuration file may be relative. However, in my case, I've provided absolute paths.

hercules jcl

If you are using relative paths, ensure that your hercules. Press 'ESC' to switch to the graphic mode. Start two instances of the terminals that was made and configured in Step 2. The first will be the console terminal, the second will be the TSO terminal. If everything works, you should see two terminals binded to Hercules:.

Enter 'r 00,r'. The login screen should appear on the second terminal. I respect your privacy. Leo's Notes. Jump to search Search Leo's Notes. Hercules Emulator Control file Category : Todo. Cookies may be created by MediaWiki but will contain no user identifiable information.Hercules runs under Windows and Linux, as well as under various other Unix or Unix-like systems on Intel Pentium and other hardware platforms including Alpha, Sparc, and Mac.

For example, DASD devices are emulated by large files on your hard disk, and local screens are emulated by tn sessions. Note: Not all and features have been implemented in Hercules. See the list of particulars later in this document. This means that you need to provide an operating system or standalone program which Hercules can load from an emulated disk or tape device.

You will have to write the operating system or standalone program yourself, unless you can manage to obtain a license from IBM to run one of their operating systems on your PC, or use IBM programs and operating systems which have been placed in the public domain. Hercules has never claimed to be a production-capable system. It was always meant to be a system programmer's toy.

Having said that, it's now become good enough to run a wide range of software without problems, and there are reports that it has been used to run production work in some parts of the world. Hercules is a copyright work which has been made generally available, subject to the terms of the Q Public License.

In essence this allows free use and distribution of the program for personal and commercial use. You may not distribute modified copies of the program, but you may distribute your own patches along with the program, provided that you also grant the maintainer permission to include those patches in future versions of the program.

You may not copy any portion of the source code for use in any other program. Hercules is notrepeat, not GPL software! We believe that the QPL, which has been certified as compliant with the Open Source Definitionprovides the benefits and protections of open source for both users and developers, without the political baggage that has come to be associated with the GPL.

But and this is a big butthese operating systems are all IBM Licensed Program Products, whose conditions of use generally restrict their usage to specific IBM machine serial numbers. So you cannot just copy these systems from work and run them on your PC. The legal status outside the USA, where something like public domain or software without copyright doesn't exist, is "copyrighted software provided at no charge". It is a known fact that vendors like AmdahlHitachiNixdorf and others modified those operating systems, and distributed them as their own OS for their own hardware, without asking IBM for permission.

But law had been changed over that time, so its not clear if the same legal status applies in your country right now. Some special utilities in the form of standalone programs are known to run well. See Jan Jaeger's website for more information and special logon procedures.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the CD itself, contact Rick Fochtman at rfochtman ync. The Original MVS 3. You need the Coverletter to install it. Read the relevant postings of the Hercules mailing list first, as the install process is quite obscure.

From the Archives

It can be found at. IBM provides only current documentation, Hercules is CPU intensive, so you will want to use the fastest processor you can get. A 2GHz Pentium, preferably with hyperthreading, will probably provide acceptable performance for a light workload.

IBM MVS - Editing, compiling and executing a Cobol program - M2

If you can afford a multiprocessor system, so much the better. Hercules does not depend on the Pentium architecture.This is official web page for Hercules version 4. Hyperion is developed and supported by a small group of volunteers. Hercules is licensed under the terms of the Q Public Licence.

The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator

Prior experience programming or supporting a mainframe operating operating system is not required but is very helpful. Hercules will run just fine on most modern desktop or laptop computers. Performance will depend on what you do with Hercules.

hercules jcl

One of the mainframe ports of Linux will require still more resources. On xbased systems, Hercules will work on bit and bit systems. Hercules does not require hardware-based virtualization capabilities and runs fine on operating systems that are themselves running in a virtual environment such as Oracle Virtualbox.

Muliple cores on the host system are helpful when emulating a mainframe configured with multiple CPUs, but multiple cores are not a requirement. The above list is limited by the systems available to developers; we cannot afford to have one of everything. That said, we welcome feedback and issues from people who try to install on other platforms.

Most of the mainframe system web sites below include configuration instructions, sample configuration files, and in some cases, pre-built emulated DASD files. Some do not. The following links can be used to complete the setup of a Hercules emulated mainframe system. You have a number of choices, and you are not limited to the packages listed here. Note that if you run mainframe software within Hercules, you must respect the terms and conditions of the software license for that software.

See Frequently Asked Questionsstarting with question 2. Documentation for the IBM operating systems is a different matter; much of it was published before the Internet existed. The Bitsavers site and its mirrors contain a repository of scanned, and in some cases, OCR'd, IBM hardware and software reference manuals.

Bitsavers is organized first by manufacturer, then by machine. Within machine one can find operating system documentation.

Use the following shortcuts to the Bitsavers site. And explore The downloadable PDFs are comprehensive reference documentation.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. It extracts XMIT files. I made some fixes and somall enhancement to the program. This proclib has procedures for all the included compilers. The run-time libraries, like SYSC. I tested in on everything from MVS 3. There is also a version of this volume on disk image, but OS and up don't have support for such old disks anymore.

Copying stuff over to a disk isn't trivial because of the blocking required by certain compiler libraries.

In short, there is a need for this volume. I also include the assembly output. It's called blocksize.

Hercules Version 3: Creating DASD

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Git stats commits 1 branch 0 tags. Failed to load latest commit information. Added sponsorship button. Aug 17, Jun 5, May 20, Oct 29, Feb 21, Aug 25, Jul 14, Add existing file. May 14, Sep 3, May 17, The Hercules area contains instructions on installing and using Hercules. The programming area is a brief summary of my career as a mainframe computer programmer. There are links and recommendations for resources for COBOL and Assembler programming, as well as some useful resources for Systems Programming and a few generic programming sites.

I have also included archives of some of the programs I have written over the years that may serve as examples of the particular programming philosophy, or style, I espouse. I am finding that I can often use it to build solutions to scripting programs for my Linux desktops with no more difficulty or time invested than if I choose REXX.

I've been re-organizing a lot of old files and I came across a yellowed newspaper clipping from Marchreporting on the open house at the new computing center at my university. My dears And in the first picture on the page, there I am, sitting at the keyboard, cleverly posed by the newspaper photographer with my hand poised to IPL DOS Release This site is dedicated to the memory of my buddy, Marbles.Since there are no language compilers bundled with MVS 3.

In other words, you probably should not install load modules for the compilers in SYS1. I have attempted to be consistent when writing the installation jobstreams for the compilers to use SYS2. Since the compiler library datasets, for the languages that require them, usually have no counterpart in the standard IBM datasets, I usually use a high level qualifier of SYS1.

If you do not have SYS2. You will also need to add SYS2. And you will also need to add SYS2. Be careful when modifying the members of SYS1. Click on the name in the index list below to navigate to a synopsis further down on this page.

From the synopsis you can follow a link to the actual compiler installation instructions. To download and install any of these, click on the desired link below:.

To download the archive I created for this compiler, as well as links to two other distributions and compiler documentation links, click on PL BTL in the 's. To download the archive for this compiler, as well as access additional links to documentation and support sites, click on SNOBOL4.

So far I have not gotten past a S0C1 abend on my attempts to run the program, but others may have better luck. If you want to code in C on MVS 3. Paul Edwards and Phil Roberts have been working on this for some time.

Download from:. Tim Pinkawa has created some guide pages for installing and using the gccmvs compiler:. You may also download an archive from this site containing the load modules and procedure library. Its objectives were fast compilation speed and effective error diagnostics at both compile and execution time. It eliminated the need for a separate linking procedure and, as a result, FORTRAN programs which contained no syntax errors were placed into immediate execution. Inthe University decided to replace the with an IBM computer.

hercules jcl

A team of full-time employees and undergraduate students was formed to write an IBM version. The compiler was a great success and many other institutions universities, colleges, businesses and governmental agencies started using the WATFOR compiler to meet needs similar to those experienced at the University of Waterloo.

The distribution of the software and customer support was carried on by Sandra Ward.

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